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The cognitive power of artificial neural networks and learning software, based on sequential processing data.


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We keep high control to ensure security of offline data storage through safe measures against theft or loss.

About Us

“Achain” is the first blockchain Finance and Internet platform in the world. It drives the ecological value with innovative Finance and Internet and will become the Steam of the blockchain Finance and Internet industry in the future.

Achain platform is committed to becoming the steam of blockchain Finance and Internet industry, and will adopt open operation means. After the platform is officially launched, it will open API interface to global developers, and integrate traditional Finance and Internet and blockchain Finance and Internet into the ecosystem. For developers, Achain can realize low-cost Finance and Internet operation and use the huge user resources in the platform; for users, Achain provides an entry into the blockchain Finance and Internet world, which only needs to register an account to experience all the Finance and Internet. The core components of Achain platform include a set of blockchain Finance and Internet token transformation SDK, a trading center of token Finance and Internet assets, a set of decentralized Finance and Internet distribution mechanism, and a token economic system designed around the platform token case and all kinds of Finance and Internet tokens.


2018 Q4

“Achain” product project, complete the core team and organizational structure of the project.

2019 Q1

Market research is carried out for block chain and Finance and Internet industry, market positioning and development direction of “Achain” Finance and Internet platform are established, overall technology, functional framework and implementation mode of the platform are designed, and research and development are started .

2019 Q2

Complete the basic framework of the platform; complete the design and development of C3 Finance and Internet board.

2019 Q3

Bate version of “Achain” is on line. Invitation-based internal testing is carried out for Finance and Internet hall and C3 Finance and Internet board. Functional repair and update are completed for feedback from users of internal testing.

2019 Q4

“Achain” platform passes Achain on the mainstream digital currency exchange, the formal version of APP on the line, design, develop and online a number of Achain-based block chain Finance and Internet, open platform API to global developers.

2020 Q1

Open the first global whitelist of developers to help high-quality developers access the Block Chain Finance and Internet products to the “Achain” platform, and all Achain holders will enjoy the Finance and Internet bonus.

2020 Q2

Fifty digital money exchanges have been launched to conduct project roadshows and developer conferences around the world, and to set up “Achain” market operation centers in many places to expand the platform’s global influence.

2020 Q3

In-depth cooperation with well-known traditional Finance and Internet manufacturers, some traditional Finance and Internet will be integrated into the platform, to Achainieve the Finance and Internet assets licensing and on-line product operation.

2020 Q4

Through improving the developer ecology and realizing the industrialization operation, the Achain Block Chain Finance and Internet Fund has been set up with the mainstream organizations of the Block Chain Industry to provide technical research and development and digital currency (Achain) support for high-quality developers.

The Future Economic Platform

Achain is a Blockchain-based platform launched to bridge the gaps between investors and income-seeking entrepreneurs.

Achain is committed to the integration and upgrading of blockchain technology and cloud computing, creating an innovative "blockchain cloud computing center + home terminal computing ecology" model, and supporting end users to participate in the "blockchain + cloud computing" network new infrastructure project. The block chain rewards operators with digital assets to provide enterprises and individuals with efficient and low-cost network computing services.

ACHAIN will be committed to building a completely decentralized, new public chain system built with smart contracts, and lead the development of smart contracts for the development of cloud computing, finance, technology, law, real estate, medical, charity and other comprehensive applications of the blockchain Ecological group, to create a brand-new business model to solve the current pain points in the traditional business model.


Simplest way to send/receive and Hold AC Coins in below Wallet platforms.


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AC Coins are radically revolutionizing the way we invest and consume today.

Our technology has been developed with simple, secure format algorithms that enable enterprising people who are passionate about the financial and technology markets to store and invest their wealth in a safe, decentralized currency. Even earn some income.

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